Creating a style and brand book for your business or organisation is an essential part of establishing and marketing your unique identity. Your style and brand book should accurately reflect your company’s mission, values, visual identity, Typography and brand messages. It should also be tailored to the target audience you are trying to reach.

Your style and brand guide should be written as clearly as possible. It should also be easy to access and understand, so that employees, partners, customers, and vendors can quickly get a feel for your brand’s identity.

A comprehensive style and brand book should outline it’s strategy and visual identity. This includes marketing messages, tone of voice, mission statement and key values. It should also detail your chosen logo, typeface, colour palette, imagery, layout for different media, guidelines for written communication, advertising materials and various other pieces of collateral.

Creating a well-thought-out, comprehensive style and brand book is key to maintaining consistent brand recognition. When designing the style and brand book, it is important to think about the future-proofing of your brand. It should be able to accommodate any future changes necessary, while still being flexible enough to allow for adaptation.

By creating a Style and Brand Book you will ensure that all your brand elements are working together and staying actively aligned, delivering a strong and cohesive brand identity. This will help to strengthen your brand recognition in the eyes of the constituents you are aiming to reach.

We will create your style and your brand book

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